Project #01
Made in 2020


The home page is one of the most important pages of a website. The goal of the homepage is to turn potential clients into paying clients. On this page, we first specify what Bootsma Lamme Advocaten does. Then we quickly introduce who you will be dealing with. And finally we give some statements of people who have already worked with them. 

Bootsma Lamme Advocaten

Bootsma Lamme Advocaten is a Dutch law firm that focuses on family law. Together we were able to create an appealing website so people can discover and contact them in a secure, and elegant way.

Informational page

Family law is extremely personal. The moment you are on a family lawyer's website people are often insecure about what is going to happen and how it is going to affect their lives. On the informational pages, we try to answer those questions so they know which phase of their lives they are entering.

Personal about page

In law, you mostly work with your lawyer, therefore we choose to give them a personal page so people can get to know them.

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