Project #02
Made in 2020


The home page is one of the most essential pages of a website. The goal of this homepage is to tell people how they can benefit from purchasing access to the online platform.

dPT Online

dPT Wiskunde is a math tutoring company. When the pandemic began they wanted to upgrade their website by adding an online math tutoring platform. dPT Online holds more than 400 videos and over 1000 documents. 

Subscription page

The goal of this page is to quickly tell people what they are purchasing and them making it as easy as possible for them to purchase. 

Search page

On this page, students can search for subjects they find difficult. They will get example questions with explanation video's 

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For this application accounts are essential. People can easily sign in with their socials or make an account with their email. This way only paying customers to have access to the premium content.