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Custom mega menu


IG&H in collaboration with ByMarko

The custom mega menu project was undertaken for IG&H with the aim of enhancing the navigation experience for visitors to the website. With over 30 pages of content, the client recognized the need for a more structured and intuitive means of accessing this information. To address this need, a menu was designed and developed that was organized into relevant categories and subcategories.

This enabled users to locate desired content more efficiently, without having to sift through an excessive number of options. In addition to this hierarchical structure, a search function was implemented to further streamline the process of finding specific pages or topics. The custom mega menu has been met with positive reception from users and has contributed significantly to the overall usability of IG&H's website.

Borgers Web Development is a Velo-certified Wix web developer. I can add custom features to your Wix website and turn it into a easily maintainable web app.

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