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Pet food subscription



Pawy is a dog and cat food provided that works on subscription bases. Users can complete a quick survey about their pet and then the website uses a formula provided by vets to show exactly how many calories and how much food the pet needs. It will automatically show them a subscription plan that is right for their pet out of over 400+ possible subscriptions. The subscription can then be started trough and manged right on the website. This is all possible because we set up a custom API connection so all information is synced.

Every time the user pays a custom connection API connection gets made to send all information over to the producers. The project was very successful, within the first 6 months the client has send out more than 1000 orders.

Borgers Web Development is a Velo-certified Wix web developer. I can add custom features to your Wix website and turn it into a easily maintainable web app.

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