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Acrotrix is an online learning platform for gymnastics. It has over 1000 instructional videos and users can join online classes. This project heavily uses the Wix data APIs to award points to students which can be turned into a coupon for their Shopify store. 


Pawy is a subscription for sustainable, fresh pet food. After users answer some basic questions about their pet it will automatically calculate the amount of food the pet needs and how often it needs to be delivered. The backend communicates with the producer and shipping company to insure orders are sent out as soon as the subscription payment is successful. 

DPT Online

DPT Online is a math learning platform provided by an Amstedam-based math tutoring company. It hosts over 400 videos and documents that are easily searchable by its students. 

All Projects

Custom payment form

Velo by Wix, Payments, External API's, Custom Form

Pet food subscription

Payments, Custom subscription, E-Commerce, External API's

Wix car rental website

Car rental, Availability logic, Rentals, Custom Form

Custom order form with unique code

Velo by Wix, Custom Form, Payments, External API's

Product configurator

Velo by Wix, Wix store, E-Commerce, Configurator

Custom mega menu

Velo by Wix, Mega Menu, Custom coding

Developer - Velo expert - Velo coding

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